what They’re Saying

Met up with Trainer Zax for a consultation, his steadfast and resilience attitude together with his own track record got me to put my trust in the program with him, we worked together to set a realistic and achievable goal. right off the bat, we planned an ideal workout for my 8-5 job accommodating my other priorities like family time, right down to the grain of rice i consume along with what food i should avoid, his attention to details is phenomenal. This program is for anyone with any sort of fitness goal and the go to person for me, is trainer Zax. Thank you.

Han Xiang

Felix is a really great trainer! He brings tons of energy and positivity to class each time. He takes the time to understand your personal goals and helps you to achieve them step by step. He remembers your progress and pushes you each time – especially when you think you can’t or aren’t ready! Would totally recommend him

Stefanie Tan

I’ve trained with Teri for over 2 years and she’s amazing! She understands my goals and helps me take the steps to achieve them. She also customised a training plan that was achievable and helped me see results. Her enthusiasm and high energy levels motivate me and she knows exactly when I’m slacking and gives me that extra push (but not in the annoying get right in your face and yell type). She’s the best! Would highly recommend her!

Kiran Kaur

Sessions with Alena are always great! She pushes me to work harder, making each second count during the workout. Despite having a bad knee, she will always find a way to help me strengthen the muscles around it. Although, at times, I’m scared of her during our sessions, we still do end the sessions with smiles on our faces because Alena will have a way to make you laugh while you’re doing your exercises. Looking forward to more!

Patsy Peh

I had the chance to train with Farij for a couple of months and had a great time, felt the passion Farij has to transmit energy, will and to push for more every day. Through a very diverse set of exercises, each session was new and extremely motivating. Farij is an excellent professional and knowledgeable, he pushes you to perform while always considering your input and goal. I recommend him warmly to anyone willing to train while enjoying progress made and fun while doing it!!!!

Simon Gigandet

I have trained with Zaki for over two years. Rather than just focusing on the end result, he views fitness as a holistic process and is able to identify my needs and goals. His knowledge and customised training plans have allowed me to see an overall increase in strength and fitness.

Minyan Tse