Human performance SG 

Human Performance SG is one of the leading providers of qualified and experienced personal training in Singapore. We aim to provide affordable health and fitness services for the masses. using a holistic approach to fitness.

Whether our clients are interested in building muscle, losing weight, injury rehabilitation, improve nutrition, enhancing their physique or developing a healthier body image, we have personal trainers, sports masseuse and physiotherapists available who can help them achieve these goals and more.


Our vision is to promote health to the general public and provide different services that cater to people from different walks of life. 


We have grown successfully by employing experienced personal trainers, sports masseuse and physiotherapists available in Singapore. Every trainer we hire has to go through an intensive day course which helps to align the standards of all our fitness professionals. Our personal trainers also stay up to date with the latest training methods backed by scientific research studies.

As the head fitness trainer of Human Performance, Farij has been in the fitness industry for 15 years specializing in sports coaching and personal training. Farij also has a part in shaping future fitness professionals as a fitness educator, working as an associate lecturer at various government and private schools. He delivers sports science related modules for both diploma and degree programmes such as exercise physiology, nutrition and strength & conditioning including courses such as personal training and sports coaching certification.

His working experience in the fitness industry ranges from being a personal trainer, group class instuctor, fitness instructor for national servicemen, food advisor for a catering company and S&C coach for various age groups. With his vast experience in the fitness industry, he is highly knowledgable and trained to design and deliver effective fitness programs to a wide variety of population.

Master of Science (Exercise & Sport Studies) NTU, Singapore
Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) ECU, Perth
MFT Functional Trainer Level 2
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
World Rugby S&C Educator
ASCA lvl 1
World Rugby Coaching Level 1 & 2, 15s/7s
World Rugby S&C level 1 & 2
Basic Exercise Course, Singapore Sports Council
Fitness Instructor Course, Singapore Sports Council